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Teshio Nakagawa Napoto Loop Walk (Hokkaido, Japan)


Napoto Park (ナポートパーク) in Nakagawa Town in northern Hokkaido is a local hub for tourist information and outdoor activities, easily accessed from the Nakagawa Canoe Port (if arriving by canoe on the Teshio River). While most people will likely visit for the campground, bicycle rentals, canoe rentals or short active tours, there's also a nice hour-long loop walk nearby. The entire walk is on a quiet forestry road, cutting through the local woods next to the Yokomanai River (ヨコマナイ川). The trail is muddy in places, so a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. We finished off our walk with a blat around the town on rented bicycles from the information center at Napoto Park. See the full route overview on Hokkaido Wilds:

Price: Free


Primary Category: Recreation

Published: 2020-September-15

Language: English, Japanese

Size: 3.8 MB

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