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Arizona GMU 35B - FlatlineMaps 25


FlatlineMaps are customized unit maps specifically designed for hunting and outdoor recreation. Our focus is on creating the most accurate map possible, resulting in hundreds of hours of construction. We use information from many different data sources including gathering our own information in the field to produce our maps. Our map includes: - DEM (Digital Elevation Model) base map from USGS with overlaying land cover, contours and waterways - Land Ownership - private, state, public, Indian, BLM, military, national, local and state parks and wilderness areas - Water Data - lakes, rivers, springs and tanks - Water catchments from AZ Game and Fish Department and other sources - Roads and trails including Travel Management Roads - Unit Borders - Geographic Names This will be the only map you need for all your adventures.

Price: $ 24.99 USD

Vendor: Flatline Maps LLC

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hiking, Offroading, Hunting, Cycling, Fishing

Published: 2019

Language: English

Size: 45.6 MB

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