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Sitka Surf & Turf Map Sample - Long Is.

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This map is specifically designed to enhance hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation experiences by providing visual details of land vegetation densities and ocean bathymetry. ***This is a map sample only so either delete or keep separate from Surf & Turf bundle maps to maintain full functionality of the map bundle. PLEASE NOTE: THIS MAP MAY CONTAIN DATA ERRORS AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR BOAT NAVIGATION. While the map was created with NOAA data there is always the possibility of existing errors in data and boaters are expected to rely on other Coast Guard approved sources, as well as always maintaining awareness of their surroundings for safe navigation. This map is part of Sitka Surf & Turf Map Bundle which contains 8 separate maps covering the prime recreational area of Sitkans from a bit south of Biorka extending north to Salisbury Sound and east of town into the nearby mountains. Purchase of the entire Sitka Surf & Turf Map Bundle is considerably less expensive than buying all maps individually (Ind. maps $9.99, 8 map bundle, $44.99) Land features include: 20 foot contour interval. Color coding for vegetation size. Land ownership boundaries. Established trails and common routes. USFS cabins, shelters, mooring buoys, and logging roads. Volumetric streams. Ocean features include: Color relief to show ocean depth. 10 foot contour interval. Fishing area boundaries for commercial, sport and subsistence. NOAA features: rocks, shoals, navigational aids, etc. The map series is currently hidden. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these maps. I hope you enjoy it! Send feedback to Thank you! Roland Wirth

Price: Free

Vendor: Points North Maps

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hiking, Hunting, Fishing

Published: 2020-July-9

Language: English

Size: 11.2 MB

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