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守谷市ガイドマップ (Moriya City Guide Map)

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茨城県守谷市のガイドマップです。 守谷市の公共施設、教育施設、福祉施設のほか、緊急時に役立つ情報(避難所などの施設)や生活に役立つ情報(医療機関、金融機関など)を掲載しています。また、桜のみどころや文化財などの情報も掲載しています。 地図に記載されている地点の詳細な情報は、各施設等のHP等をご覧ください。 この地図は守谷市の委託を受けて、武揚堂( )が調製しました。 This is the Guide Map of Moriya City (Ibaraki Prefecture). In addition to public facilities, educational facilities and welfare facilities in Moriya City, emergency information (e.g. shelters, etc.) and useful information for daily life (e.g. medical institutions, financial institutions, etc.) are displayed. Furthermore, information about cherry blossom viewing spots and places of cultural significance can also be found on this map. For more information about the displayed facilities, please refer to the website of each respective facility. This map has been produced by Buyodo Co., Ltd., as commissioned by Moriya City.

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Vendor: Buyodo corp.

Primary Category: Tourist

Secondary Categorization: City Maps

Published: 2020-June

Language: Japanese

Size: 8.6 MB

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