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COSxS Night On The Trail - 5 map Bundle


This map is for informational purposes only, all routes should be verified with local land managers to confirm if they are open or not. Make sure you leave gates as you find them open or closed. It is your responsibility to know where you are and that you are on a route that is legal for your vehicle. If you wish to explore in the National Forest you will also need the Motor Vehicle Use Maps for the forest you wish to visit. The majority of these roads are not maintained and may be impassable due to water runoff, slides, down trees, administrative closures, etc. Some roads may have become impassable since the publishing of these maps. You ride at your own risk, the map creator, Avenza or any person that has partcipated in the creation of this map cannot be held liable for any use of it. For questions regarding road use in the National Forest please refer to the Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). An MVUM is a legal enforceable document that identifies the roads, trails, and areas where motor vehicles use is allowed in the Forest Service administrative unit or ranger district. MVUMs are reissued each year. It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle user to acquire the current MVUM. The MVUMs display National Forest System (NFS), routes (roads and trails), designated as open to motorized travel. The MVUMs also display allowed uses by motor vehicle class (ex. highway-legal vehicles, vehicles 50 inches in width or less, motor cycles and open to all vehicles; seasonal allowances, off travel distance allowances, and provides information on other travel rules and regulations. Visitors should not rely on any other maps for making decisions about motorized travel. A current printed copy of the Forest MVUM is available FREE from local Forest Service offices, and the current downloadable copy is available FREE from Please contact the local land manager, Forest Service, BLM or State Forests for more information about motor vehicle use on the lands they manage. If you are on a road and it does not display a NO TRESPASSING or PRIVATE PROPERTY you should be able to pass through.

Price: $ 4.99 USD

Vendor: Central Oregon SXS Club

Category: Trails

Activities: Backroading, Offroading

Published: 2020-April-1

Language: English

Size: 373.1 MB

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Contains 5 maps:

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