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Srednji Velebit


Velebit masiff is the longest (145 km) and fourth highest mountain in Croatia but it stands out and dominates the entire area, dividing it into seaside and landside. Srednji Velebit (Central Velebit) stretches for 25 kilometers. It starts roughly at Veliki Alan saddle and road pass (border with North Velebit) and ends at Oštarijska Vrata pass which is a highest point of the road going from Karlobag to Gospić. It is known for its harsh rock cliffs (Bačić kuk 1304m, Kiza 1274m...), grass hilltops (Budakovo brdo 1317m, Ljubičko brdo 1320m...) and large karst valleys so every nature lover would find something worth seeing. The charts is created by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service CMRS.

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Vendor: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service - HGSS

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2019

Language: English, Croatian

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