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Tulove grede


Tulove grede are a strange karst phenomenon on Velebit. They are located in the Velebit Nature Park. Tulove grede are a rocky ridge of extremely steep slopes built of limestone rocks, about 1 km long, with a peak of 1120 m above sea level. This karst formation consists of towers, pillars and cracks. This part of Velebit mountain is rising above the A1 "Sveti Rok" highway tunnel, but there is also an old road (Master's road) leading across the Mountain and just under the Tulove grede area. The road, opened in 1832., is wide and even in asphalted in some parts. The Chart is created by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service CRMS.

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Vendor: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service - HGSS

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2017

Language: English, Croatian

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