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2020 - CaptainsChannel - Copper River Flats - 51320


Changelog: 5/21/20: Updated map to be brighter, fixed Chinook Inside line @ Kokenhenik (it was wrong), fixed "Shotgun Gulch" & "Thornes Hole" placement. Changed file type & boundaries for higher resolution. 2020 Copper River Delta Map Image Date: 5/13/20 Resolution: 10m Tide Level: ~1.25' True color satellite image of the Copper River Fishing District with Salmon Gillnet boundary lines overlaid & names of various bars, sloughs, and beaches. Be sure to check back, I'll update the map when less cloudy satellite imagery becomes available and if/when any of the boundary lines change. I also intend to make a black & white version using Infrared imaging, which results in a crystal clear view of where all the channels & water are. Please email with any questions, comments, concerns. If something is mislabeled or ought to be labeled please drop me an email as I want the map to be as accurate as possible. Stay safe out there. -CaptainsChannel

Price: $ 9.99 USD

Vendor: CaptainsChannel

Primary Category: Nautical

Published: 2020-May-13

Language: English

Size: 21.5 MB

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