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Koroni Set Topo25 + City10 + Kastro

What's new:

- Actualized: Koroni Surroundings Map Topo25 with data January 2020 (e.g. improved road & track network)


Koroni is a small City with Venecian Castle and Harbour in the South of Messinia, South West of Peloponnese, Greece. Koroni has a large outback. It is also a nice holiday destination. The Map is designed for Koronians, Tourists, Holiday Guests, Mountain Bikers, Hikers, Nature Enthusiasts and Map Lovers. - Topography (Relief with 20m equidistant contour lines, Peaks, Capes) - Settlements - Detailed Roads, Tracks, Pathes - Sightseeing Objects (Kastro, Monasteries, Churches, Archaeological Sites ...) - Beaches, Coastal Marks "Koroni Surroundings Map 25": Extent: Former Dimos Koroni E-W: Koroni - Finikounda N-S: Episkopi, Paneika - Venetiko Island Coordinates: WGS 84 and Kilometer-Grid Map Bundle: + Topographic Map 1:25'000 + City Map 1:10'000 + Koroni Kastro 1:2'500 Find out more about Koroni at

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Vendor: Stefanos Maps

Primary Category: Tourist

Secondary Categorization: City Maps

Published: 2020-January-11

Language: English

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