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Fort Jackson Passage of the Palmetto Trail (Map Bundle)

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Fort Jackson Passage takes you through the heart and into the woods of this spectacular military facility. Fort Jackson was established in the year 1917 to answer the call for trained fighting men in WWI. The Fort was named in honor of Major General Andrew Jackson, a native son of the Palmetto State and seventh president of the United States. Today the installation covers 52,000 acres and is the Army’s largest basic training center. In addition to hiking and mountain biking, this passage offers a great diversity in both plants and animals. You may also see a platoon of soldiers on their daily drill. For more information about the passage and to access a pdf copy of our maps please go to If you are interested in getting involved with the trail or would like to make a donation please visit

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Vendor: Palmetto Conservation Foundation

Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking, Cycling

Published: 2020-March-31

Language: English

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