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Woodland Park Bike & Trail Map

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New bike & hike map for Woodland Park, Colorado


The City of Woodland Park is the base camp to an outdoor recreation wonderland for hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, off-roading, camping, hunting, fishing, boating, golfing, and scenic driving. This map illustrates outdoor recreation and trail opportunities in and around the City. Woodland Park is located in the Rocky Mountains at 8,500 feet elevation and is completely surround by Pike National Forest with amazing views to Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain. The area abounds in breathtaking scenery, terrain, and wildlife to provide diverse Rocky Mountain outdoor recreation experiences. This map illustrates about 68 miles of scenic on-road bicycle routes including natural granite gravel, improved gravel and asphalt roads. There are also about 64 miles of off-road trails including asphalt bike paths and natural granite gravel single-track trails open to hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. There are over 400 miles of National Forest roads and trails open to motorized trail riding, which are located close to Woodland Park and are illustrated on our North Divide & South Rampart Trails Map. Woodland Park has 7 community parks providing a wonderful setting for outdoor experiences and with amenities such as parking, restrooms, playgrounds, rock climbing, picnic sites and sports fields. Woodland Park is a historic mountain community with many historic sites such as the Colorado Midland Railroad Depot, family log cabins, retail stores and the Ute Indian Trail. The Woodland Park Museum & History Park has more information and provides history tours. The Ute Cultural Center hosts many events and is where the community visitor center is located. The area abounds in breathtaking scenery, terrain, and wildlife to experience diverse Rocky Mountain outdoor recreation. Woodland Park is a motorized recreation friendly community serving as a “base camp” with services such as: visitor center, restaurants, brew pubs, lodging, campgrounds, museum, gas stations, and motorsports dealerships. There are also tour and rental companies such as Great Outdoors Adventures whose mission is to provide safe memorable mountain excursions. Woodland Park and the Pikes Peak Ranger District is a shared “sandbox” where everyone is welcome to share and play! This map was design by Great Outdoors Consultants in collaboration with the US Forest Service, Great Outdoors Adventures, City of Woodland Park, and Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance. This map is also available as a 22x34" printed wall map. Paper copies of the map can be purchased at local retail stores, including Great Outdoors Adventures, and online at:

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Published: 2020-April

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