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Tennessee River Chart 113 - Tellico Dam


The charts were prepared from Inland Electronic Navigation Chart (IENC) data, supplemented by information surveys by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices, bridge clearance tables, elevated and submerged crossings, and over 2000 feature names and locations. The topographical background images displayed throughout these navigation charts are the property and copyrighted data of Environmental Science Research Institute ® and its vendors. Information denoted on these charts is a general depiction of the waterway and adjacent areas, only; and is not in anywise to be construed as representing precise or accurate dimensions, portrayals, features, or other data. Therefore, anyone utilizing the Cumberland River must exercise caution and acknowledge the ever-present hazards of this natural resource. Remember it is not lawful to throw, discharge, or deposit from any barge or other floating craft of any kind, any refuse matter of any kind including oil, into any navigable stream of the United States. Vertical clearances under bridges are shown on bridge profiles, which can be found on supplemental chart pages ( on which the bridge appears, and on the Vertical Clearance Table in the appendices. Vertical clearances of aerial utility crossings, if available, are shown by denoting elevation of low wire in the Vertical Clearance Table in the appendices as well.

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Vendor: US Army Corps of Engineers

Primary Category: Nautical

Published: 2020-April-23

Language: English

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