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2886S: Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ


Forming a prominent backdrop north of Tucson, the Santa Catalina Mountains contains a wide array of stunning topography from deep desert canyons to high broad summits exceeding 9000 feet. Map 2886S highlights the heart of the range consisting of 9,157-foot Mount Lemmon, the Sky Island Scenic Byway (Catalina Highway) and the 56,430-acre Pusch Ridge Wilderness Area. With this detailed map, plan family friendly strolls in Catalina and Oracle State parks along the Coronado National Forest periphery or in Sabino Canyon with its saguaro cactus, waterfalls and abundant and diverse wildlife. Hike through pine and aspen forests along the crest of the mountains savoring expansive views. And head off into remote canyons graced with pools and springs or along rugged ridges providing solitude in this popular recreation area in southern Arizona. Map scale 1:62000 with 80 foot contours for complete map area. Sky Island Scenic Byway map scale at 1:35000 with 80 foot contours. Hardcopy special series waterproof, tear proof versions of 2886S are available from Mountaineers Books. - b_start=0&c5=Map&c11=Green+Trails+Maps&c7=West%2FAZ

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Published: 2018

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