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Notranjska s Snežnikom North 1 50.000 PZS


This map covers part of the region, called Notranjska in the central part of Slovenia. This is a carstic region, densly covered by forests. In the center of the map is the famous internittend lake Cerknica with the Slivnica mountain above it. There is also the Planina valley, town of Postojna as well as Bloke plain in the east. Maps of Alpine Association of Slovenia (Planinska zveza Slovenije) in the map scale 1 : 50.000 are suitable tool for occasional visitors of mountains. Trail blazed trails, mountain huts, paths, natural and cultural points of interest, tourist infrastructure and everything else important for activities in the nature are represented in sufficient detail. Field data are continuously updated by volunteers of Slovenian alpine clubs.

Price: $ 1.99 USD

Vendor: Planinska zveza Slovenije

Category: Parks & Forests

Published: 2018

Language: Slovenian

Size: 34.8 MB

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