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Yellowstone National Park 2019


Awarded North America’s Best Recreation & Travel Map for 2010, this map shows all of Yellowstone National Park, with detailed maps for the Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower / Roosevelt, Canyon, and Old Faithful areas. It includes descriptions for twenty six dayhikes, written by a former Yellowstone Ranger. This is the only locally made Yellowstone trail map, and the most accurate Yellowstone trail map. The park headquarters is an hour and fifteen minutes from the Beartooth Publishing office. Beartooth Publishing has been making international award winning trail maps since 1995. All of our maps include trails, trail mileages, roads, recreation sites, and other area information. They are topographic and incorporate shaded relief and hypsometric (change in elevation) coloring. All trails are color coded to show which types of uses are allowed. Our maps are revised and updated every one to two years. Map originally made in: 2009 Current edition: 8th Physical map scale: 1:113,730 Contour interval: 100 feet For more info visit:

Price: $ 13.99 USD

Vendor: Beartooth Publishing

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2019-May

Language: English

Size: 92.5 MB

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