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Maefurano-dake Ski Touring (incl. hut access) (Hokkaido, Japan)


Maefurano-dake (前富良野岳, 1625m) stands as advance-guard to the mighty Furano-dake (富良野岳, 1921m) in central Hokkaido. Sitting at the southwestern-most point of the Daisetsuzan National Park, Maefurano-dake's southern slopes offer some spectacular skiing from the summit. On a clear day, skiers will be treated to a rare glimpse of Furano-dake from the south, as well as dramatic views across the primeval forests and marshes of the Genshi-ga-hara plateau. Unlike it's big brother Furano-dake, however, Maefurano-dake is a remote peak. Just the approach alone is almost 8km. Along the way, however, is the Ningle Forest Management Hut, which makes for an excellent base to explore the area. See the full route overview on Hokkaido Wilds:

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Primary Category: Topographic

Published: 2020-March-11

Language: English, Japanese

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