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Monti Livornesi Escursioni & MTB

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Version 2


Nuova carta escursionistica aggiornata dei Monti Livornesi, corredata dei tracciati dei sentieri della rete escursionistica e di tutti i trail per Mountain Bike presenti nell'area. Realizzata da MNMaps. Monti Livornesi new map for hiking and MTB. The map is updated with all the path trail network and with all the known MTB trail trak. Realized by MNMaps. Author: Matteo Nigro, MNMaps. Utilized data: © Regione Toscana: Licence CC BY © OpenStreetMap (for path track only): Licence ODbl

Price: Free

Vendor: MNMaps

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Cycling

Published: 2020

Language: English, Italian

Size: 171.4 MB

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