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Faroe Islands (1:100,000 scale)


This is a map of the Faroe Islands, containing F100 data obtained on February 28, 2020 from The Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency of Denmark. The product provides an overview of the island and main elements but the data is no longer being updated. ---------------------------------------- Dette er et kort over Færøerne, der indeholder F100-data, der er opnået den 28. februar 2020 fra Danmarks Agentur for Dataforsyning og Effektivitet. Produktet giver et overblik over øen og hovedelementer, men dataene opdateres ikke længere.

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Vendor: Umhvørvisstovan

Primary Category: Topographic

Secondary Categorization: Authoritative

Published: 2020-March-2

Language: English, German, Danish, Faroese

Size: 25.8 MB

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