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Frakto Virgin Forest 1:22.000

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Many changes in trail network and roads, as well as points of interest


The core of Frakto Forest (aka Zagkrantenia or Paranesti Virgin Forest) is one of Rodopi's and Greece's most important ecosystem (part of the Rodopi mountain range). It is one of Europe's oldest virgin forests, which means that no human activity has intervened in the course of nature, within its core. Wolves, bears, other mammals and predatory birds, possibly even the lynx. Extremely tall, 'epic' trees, steep cliffs and a network of trails right close to its virgin core. There are waterfalls, thermal springs, antiquities and more at a radius of approx. 20km. Last but not least, an insane Ultra Marathon event: the VFT "Virgin Forest Trail". LINK TO SHARE THIS MAP OUR PAPERBACK MAPS & BOOKS AERIAL VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GREECE

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Vendor: Geopsis Maps & Guides of Greece

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2020

Language: English, Greek

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