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Nitonupuri Summit Ski Touring Route (Hokkaido, Japan)


There are 13 major peaks in the Niseko Range, and Nitonupuri (ニトヌプリ, 1080m) is the one of the lowest, tucked away behind an imposing false peak. Given the easy access to its lower flanks, however, Nitonupuri is one of the range's most popular for a relatively quick morning or afternoon ski. With two distinct 'steps' to the mountain, separated by a compact plateau, skiers can adjust plans on the fly according to conditions. The steep climb to the plateau, as well as the steep slope above it offer very good, lappable skiing potential. Our hot tip to Hokkaido Wilds readers is arrive early at the trailhead to avoid missing out on parking. See full route overview at Hokkaido Wilds:

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Category: Topographic

Activities: Skiing

Published: 2020-February-5

Language: English, Japanese

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