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Jenny Creek Wild and Scenic River


Located inside and adjacent to the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument and the Soda Mountain Wilderness, Jenny Creek is located in southwestern Oregon and is a tributary to the Klamath River. Jenny Creek is located in an area of exceptionally high biodiversity, and its watershed represents the geographic intersection of the High Cascade, Cascade Foothills and Klamath Mountain ecoregions. Jenny Creek also offers significant outdoor activities, including: fishing, camping, hiking, and kayaking. The area has a rich cultural history and long traditions of human use. A section of the historic Applegate Trail passing though the designated river corridor was added as part of the California National Historic Trail in 1992. The fishery and historic values were described by the BLM in its eligibility study dating back to the early 1990s. On March 12, 2019, President Trump signed the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act (Public Law 116-9 also known as the Dingell Act), a comprehensive public land management bill with over 170 separate sections that affect almost every state in the nation. Among the spectacular new additions to the National Landscape Conservation System in Oregon/Washington include: • the designation of approximately 200 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the Coos Bay, Medford, and Northwest Oregon Districts. These 48 wild, scenic, and recreational segments are spread across nine newly designated wild and scenic rivers and two pre-existing designations. • the designation of the Devil’s Staircase Wilderness in the Coos Bay District; and • an adjustment of the Deschutes Canyon-Steelhead Falls Wilderness Study Area boundary in the Prineville District in central Oregon. These 48 river segments add to the 25 wild and scenic rivers, comprising over 800 miles, managed by BLM in Oregon. These rivers are designated for preservation of their free-flowing condition, water quality, and outstandingly remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, cultural, or other values and managed in accordance with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. Before visiting these rivers, be sure to check with the local BLM office to learn about the river including river conditions, potential hazards (e.g. underwater terrain) and allowed water activities. Know your limits and pick an appropriate activity for your group's size and ability. Check that everyone has a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket and that each person's life jacket fits properly. Develop a Plan B in case things change and you can't do your planned activity. Complete and share your Trip Plan with someone who is not going on the trip. Develop a plan of action so you know what to do if there is an emergency (e.g. you go overboard, your boat flips, hazardous river conditions). Always wear your life jacket! Stick to your intended route. Keep an eye on environmental changes (weather, wildlife, water conditions etc.) and your group to assess if you should continue your trip or turn back. More information on these outstanding National Conservation Lands in Oregon/Washington is available online: Know Before You Go: •Use caution when exploring along the creek; there are rock outcrops, slippery rocks, steep canyons, waterfalls, and cold, swift water during the winter and spring. •Rattlesnakes and ticks are common in the warmer months. •Access is along remote unpaved road systems that may be snow covered in winter. •Southern portions of Jenny Creek are within the Soda Mt Wilderness area and are only accessible by foot or horse. •Be aware of and respect private property in the area. •Collect and remove any trash or waste; there is no garbage or toilet facility in the area. Point of Interest: Popular day-use recreational activities include dispersed camping, hiking, swimming and fishing. Jenny Creek contains redband trout and an endemic sucker, the Jenny Creek Sucker. Fall Creek contains redband trout. There is evidence of past wildfires in the area, including 2014’s Oregon Gulch Fire, which burned east of Jenny Creek and south of Hwy 66. Location: Travel East from Ashland, Oregon, or West from Klamath Falls, Oregon on Hwy 66. Turn South on Copco Road to access lower portions of Jenny Creek and Fall Creek. Several unmarked spur roads lead west to the wilderness boundary, past which you must hike short but steep pitches to the creek. Alternatively, turn north on Jenny Creek Road, approximately one mile east of Copco Road, and proceed north to access upper portions of Jenny Creek. Visitors are encouraged to consult a map, as there are numerous unmarked junctions. Keep to the west at all major junctions to cross Jenny Creek near Fredenburg Springs. Contact: Medford BLM 3040 Biddle Road Medford, OR 97504 541-618-2200

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Published: 2020-January-22

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