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Yosemite Valley Topographic Trails


Yosemite National Park with Topographic Hachure Algorithm This is an experimental map which uses modern data to recreate the look of a historical style. The style mimicked is that of G.M. Wheeler's Yosemite Valley from 1883 which can be seen courtesy of The David Rumsey map collection While the original 1883 map has hand-drawn hachures by J.E. Weyss, this modern version uses an algorithm developed in house which makes use of 10m DEM from USGS and reclassifies land parcels according to their slope and aspect. Using this categorization the parcels are then stylized, lines get thicker and closer together as the terrain becomes steeper. Areas without hachures displayed are flat. The process uses a 3d shaded baselayer to provide a sense of direction for the viewer. 1:30,000 scale 34" x 26" Data current as of 2019 NAD 83 / UTM zone 11N

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Vendor: Great Northern Cartography Co.

Category: Topographic

Published: 2020-January-16

Language: English

Size: 65.8 MB

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