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Teton Crest Trail and Vicinity - Terrain Guide


1:20,000 scale 52" x 41" The terrain guide is a combination of slope and aspect data into one graphical format, making the lay of the landscape easy for the reader to interpret. The slope breakdown uses ski ratings but can also be applicable to hiking. Anything over 56.3 degrees is designated as rock face, too steep for snow to accumulate and without climbing gear too difficult to navigate for hiking or skiing. The 52" x 41" map utilizes high resolution DEM datasets available from the fine people at USGS enabling a 1:20,000 scale and creation of hachure data with 10m accuracy.

Price: Free

Vendor: Great Northern Cartography Co.

Category: Trails

Activities: Hiking, Skiing

Published: 2020-January-12

Language: English

Size: 145.5 MB

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