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Gorham - Bill Hill Glade


The locals affectionately call the northern arm of Pine Mountain “Bill Hill” after a local who spent some time in them thar hills. This is the summertime play zone of the Coos Cycling Club, which have built some impressive mountain/fat bike trails throughout this terrain, including “For Pete’s Sake” which is the track to follow to head into the zone. Due to its north-facing aspect, Bill Hill often holds snow long after storms (unless the locals get to it first!). The area was logged and the tree canopy is not significant - but for quick access and good skiing Bill Hill delivers! To round out your experience, Gorham has several business gems that you should consider during your visit. In the morning, no tour is complete without swinging into White Mountain Cafe for pastries and coffee. Lunchtime shopping should take you up to Vintage Junky, a store with a million surprises! For dinner, hit up SAALT which serves top notch plates from all over the world. And no overnight is complete unless you’re staying at Hub North which makes every experience unique, and proprietors Jason and Kara Hunter might just be willing to divulge a few local secrets, too (if you’re good of course!).

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Published: 2020-January-1

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