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Randolph - Crescent Ridge Glade

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Backcountry Skiing Glade Location: Randolph, NH Ability Level: Advanced, Intermediate Aspect: Southeast | East Vertical Drop: 600 feet Glade Designer: Sustainable Trailworks, LLC Granite Backcountry Alliance Hours Invested: 755 to date Access: Access to the glade begins at the kiosk in the Randolph Hill parking lot. (*Do not start below the parking lot at Crescent Ridge Trail sign - drive past this trailhead). Stand in front of kiosk and identify the orange plastic diamond blaze generally to your right (pictured above). This will be the trail marking you need to follow through several critical trail junctions to get to the glade zone. (*Tip: Do not randomly follow skintracks either - this is a heavy touring area with many nordic skiers exploring RCF - don't get lured into the wrong track.) After a mile, the orange diamond blazes which will lead you OFF the Crescent Ridge Trail and onto a dedicated skintrack directly to and through the wildlife management area (*Note: this is common point of error in which users stay on trail missing the left which is also marked by Blue Blazes. Once you are on target, you can follow this to ridge line - and go left and you will encounter the zone but the other way is preferable). Once at top of the clearing you now stand at the bottom of the glade zone. The diamond blazes now become orange flaggings. Follow orange flaggings to the top at which point you may pick your line! There are 4 glade lines, the first containing two glade lines. Choose your own adventure! Each lap thereafter is about a 20 minute skin back to the ridge. Repeat. Enjoy!

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Published: 2019-January-7

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