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Colorado Unit 27 Map Collection, Land Use, Elk, Deer Concentrations, and 7.5 Minute Quads.


This map collection contains Land Ownership, Elk Concentration, Deer Concentration, and the 7.5 minute detailed map selection. All the maps you need to zero in on where you CAN and SHOULD hunt! Archery and muzzleloader hunters, look for the summer concentrations. First season rifle, head to the edges of the summer concentrations, following the migration routes (lines) backwards as far as the snow will allow. Second Rifle, hit the migration corridors (areas). Third and fourth season, focus on the winter concentration areas on public land. Load the 7.5 minute maps with private lands highlights to execute your hunt with confidence, from the back country or your UTV. Its all about, "Where to Hunt". This is the best alternative to the more expensive subscription service maps! How are we different? If you have used some of the competitive Apps out there you know they are glitchy in the backcountry. And, if you want to focus on concentration areas in the back country, forget it. You can't download and use the concentration data out of service. Use Avenza Maps and our maps to target the concentration areas without cell service, seamlessly. Good luck, shoot straight

Price: Free

Vendor: Colorado HuntData LLC

Primary Category: Recreation

Secondary Categorization: Hunting & Fishing

Published: 2019-December-19

Language: English

Size: 1.4 GB

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Contains 16 maps:

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