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Kosciuszko Alpine Area Outdoor Recreation Guide (Edition 2) (includes Jangungal Wilderness map)


This map bundle includes the newest edition of the Kosciuszko Alpine area Outdoor Recreation Guide and a detailed Jangungal Wilderness area map. These detailed maps contain the latest road, walking and cross-country ski trail networks, recreation sites and other points of interest. The main map covers an area from Khancoban in the west to Jindabyne in the east, and includes the major ski resorts of Perisher, Thredbo and Charlotte Pass. The supplementary map covers the Jangungal Wilderness. *KOSCIUSZKO ALPINE AREA MAP* Scale: 1:50,000 Coverage: Khancoban, Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher Valley *JANGUNGAL WILDERNESS MAP* Scale: 1:25,000 Coverage: Khancoban, Jangungal Wilderness IDEAL FOR: Bushwalking, skiing, camping, hiking, mountain biking and car touring EDITION: 2

Price: $ 11.99 USD

Vendor: Spatial Vision

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Skiing

Published: 2017-March

Language: English

Size: 78.4 MB

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Contains 2 maps:

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