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Kodaira Green Road & Open garden Map


Kodaira Open Gardens are available by favor of their owners. You can enjoy the gardens and flowerbeds of which the garden masters are proud. Kodaira Green Road is an approximately 21 km walking trail going around Kodaira City, which connects the Tamagawajosui Aqueduct, Nobidome Irrigation Channel, Sayama-Sakai Green Way, and Koganei Park. The Road was authorized as one of “the top 500 beautiful roads that you should walk in Japan” in 2004, and as one of “the new top 100 walking road travels in Japan: ‘Waterfront Roads’” in 2015. We hope you will enjoy your walk around Kodaira City along the Kodaira Green Road & Open Garden Map in hand. *This map is prepared by a subsidy from Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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Published: 2019-December

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