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Hellgate100k Crew SNOW Route


This map provides runner and crew information for the Hellgate 100k Ultramarathon. The driving routes highlighted on this map are the routes the author has used during years that the parkway was closed due to forecasted snow or ice. The marked routes are to aid stations that have been available to crew during "snow years" in the past. Please verify which Aid Stations crew will be allowed to access at the pre race meeting. This map is not officially affiliated with the race or the race director. For years that the Parkway is OPEN please download the alternate map "Hellgate100k Crew Route" The information has been used successfully by crews over the past three years, however there are no guarantees of accuracy. Basemap updated and data reviewed on 12/13/2019.

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Vendor: RockGardener Maps

Category: Parks & Forests

Published: 2019-December-13

Language: English

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