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Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains West 1:50.000

What's new:

This version includes corrections in trails, road network and addition in points of interests


One of Europe's most important mountain ranges and ecosystems. Rodopi extends mostly in Bulgaria with approximatly 20-25% being situated in Greece. It's variety of fauna and flora is stunning. The area features a vast network of footpaths and trails in a vast area in Greece that is covered by three large 70x100cm maps at the scale of 1:40.000-1:50.000. This one is the most gorgeous, Western Rodopi Region at a scale of 1:50.000. Featuring the virgin forest of Frakto, Elatia and Silver Birch (Symida) Forests. Produced with our super high cartography and field research standards. Enjoy! LINK TO SHARE THIS MAP OUR PAPERBACK MAPS & BOOKS AERIAL VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GREECE MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUNNING MAPS OF GREECE

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Vendor: Geopsis Maps & Guides of Greece

Primary Category: Tourist

Secondary Categorization: Reference

Published: 2020

Language: English, Greek

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