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Rhonda's Centro Historico Guide & Street Map to San Miguel de Allende


CENTRO HISTÓRICO GUIDE Selected are more than 190 establishments that are some of the best representations of each category on the guide. Plus, a few more that are just a bit outside of this boundary. Categories: Bakeries, Barber and Beauty, Cafés, Churches, Cooking Classes, Culture, Galleries, Information, Language Schools, Liquor and Deli, Mail and Shipping, Medical, Money, Nightlife, Organic, Outdoors, Restaurants, Shopping, Street Food, Theaters, Tours, Transportation and Wellness. Now imagine yourself walking up Correo, choosing hand-blown glassware for your table at La Casa de Vidrío, El Correo for a traditional Mexican comida, Panio for French pastries, then onto Agave Sky for that special pair of luxuriously embroidered cowboy boots.... STREET MAP OF SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE The 3rd edition of the map has a Street Index of 900+ streets and more helpful information. What is an "Ancha", "Calzada", "Bajada"? Now you will know! San Miguel de Allende's colonias and barrios are easily defined by luminous colors. The map is drawn to scale, shows pedestrian-only zones, plazas and green spaces, and the UNESCO World Heritage and Centro Histórico boundaries.

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Published: 2019-November-4

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