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Granite Mountain Preserve -- Trail Map (February 2020)


Granite Mountain Preserve is a 400-acre preserve owned by Hudson Highlands Land Trust and located in Putnam Valley, NY. This new trail map of the Preserve trail system, released February 2020, reflects recent trail improvements and recent changes to the trail colors. This new trail map can be used with the mobile app Avenza Maps, which shows your location in real time during your visit.* Here’s how to use Avenza: (1) Download the free Avenza Maps app ( (2) Download this map to your smartphone or tablet. (3) Your device may ask you which app to open the map with. If so, chose Avenza Maps. If you aren't prompted, open the Avenza Maps app, click the Add icon (the "+" plus sign). Note: on Android devices, you must then select "Download or import a map" from the drop-down menu. (4) Navigate to your downloads file and select the Granite Mountain map. (5) If you're on Granite Mountain Preserve, you should see your location as a little blue dot on the map. If so, you're all set! If not, try the Imports page for iOS ( or for Android devices ( For troubleshooting, try the Avenza Support Center page ( HHLT staff would also be happy to assist you during the next planned HHLT hike or volunteer event. *Please note we highly recommend also carrying a paper map and compass, as well as basic hiking supplies, during any visit to the Preserve. As a reminder, the Preserve is open for public use but trail improvements are still in progress. Please contact HHLT if you’re interested in a guided hike before the improvements are completed (anticipated for later this year), and stay tuned to Preserve’s webpage ( and HHLT's Facebook page ( for updates.

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Vendor: Hudson Highlands Land Trust

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2020-February-8

Language: English

Size: 2.3 MB

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