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Rusk County Bike Rides


Ready to go exploring by bicycle? Welcome to Rusk County WI. Located in northwestern WI, Rusk County is home to forests and farms and rivers and lakes.This map highlights 17 routes of various distances covering the entire county. Each route on this map was created to be distance and difficulty appropriate. A 5 mile route will be relatively flat with some rolling hills mixed in. A longer route will give you a more varied terrain. All routes start near a major village in the county. Each village has lodging, restaurants, facilities and city parks for your all your needs. During your ride you may come across the occasional local watering hole or convenience store, but don’t plan on it. Make sure you have plenty of water and food, as well as a few tools for any minor bike repair that may be needed. See all Bikeverywhere maps

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Vendor: Bikeverywhere

Category: Trails

Activities: Cycling

Published: 2015-April

Language: English

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