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Slope Hazard Map - Mount Rainier


Using GIS software, I've assembled a smart phone enabled slope map that clearly identifies the terrain hazards* and ski opportunities surrounding your GPS position while on Mount Rainier**. Designed for a ski mountaineer by a ski mountaineer/GIS analyst, this map provides an unparalleled view of the intricate mountain terrain features, (as small as 1 meter) that surround your GPS position. Source data for the terrain and glacier data is a publicly available 2008 lidar scan resulting in an extremely high resolution base map for you to travel upon! My background is in ski mountaineering and GIS analysis, I've climbed Mt. Rainier as well I've worked for Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park as a GIS analyst. I'm always interested in ways to use GIS data to enhance my backcountry skiing opportunities and these smart phone based slope maps are it! This particular slope classification and display method have allowed me to find and avoid terrain features on numerous occasions during my own mountaineering pursuits. Terrain Hazard info below. ======================================= *Hazards: very difficult to describe without a page of caveats and nuances, so in general, these slope classes are quite simply for people who like steep skiing. 51°-90° Purple = Extreme hazard, consider this to be a cliff and usually not ski-able (insert caveat:) If you are planning on being in a purple pixel please put a lot of thought and planning into it. You'll probably want two ice axes and obviously crampons in purple pixel zones if you're climbing up. 46°-50° Red = Steep skiing for sure! at least one ice axe if you're climbing in here. If you see a red (or purple) pixel on the map all by itself, it's likely a cliff or rock feature. 36°-45° Yellow = While the top end of this range is 45° (steep skiing), this color range will be enjoyed by many advanced skiers. 26°-35° Green = Often this zone is too steep to casually skin (insert caveat). Great zone for big fast turns or lots of slow turns depending on skill level, ambition and conditions. 6°-26° Blue = Great slope angle for skinning. In powder this zone is often not steep enough to ski with speed, but in firmer conditions this zone (lots Muir snowfield) can offer a great ski down as well as up. 0°-5° Grey = Flat(ish) for bivi or camp. !!! look our for what's above you when resting!!! It's Mount Rainier, so it's probably a bad place to stop even though it's a grey zone :). Also, I assume the park service has something to say about camping and bivi activities? ================================================= I hope you find this useful for the Summit to Paradise zone** on Mt. Rainier. I am very interested in any feedback or questions. I will make maps of the rest of Rainier if this one proves successful. Thanks for downloading my map.

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Vendor: GPSki Maps

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Skiing

Published: 2015-January

Language: English

Size: 174.1 MB

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