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Rodopi (Rhodope) Mountains West 1:50.000


One of Europe's most important mountain ranges and ecosystems. Rodopi extends mostly in Bulgaria with approximatly 20-25% being situated in Greece. It's variety of fauna and flora is stunning. The area features a vast network of footpaths and trails in a vast area in Greece that is covered by three large 70x100cm maps at the scale of 1:40.000-1:50.000. This one is the most gorgeous, Western Rodopi Regions at a scale of 1:50.000. Featuring the widely known Frakto, Elatia and Silver Birch (Symida) Forests. Produced with our super high standards for field research and cartographic compilation. Enjoy!

Price: $ 7.99 USD

Vendor: Geopsis

Published: 2016

Language: English, Greek

Size: 35.6 MB

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