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Effectively Pricing Your Maps on the Map Store

The most common question new Map Store vendors ask is what is the right price for a map in the Avenza Map Store? With map prices ranging from $0.99 for single maps all the way up to over $100 for large bundles, not to mention the amount of free content available to compete with, the answer relies on a number of factors:

Existing Coverage

Do a quick search (or ask us!) to see how many other maps covering the same area as your map area already listed in the Map Store? If there are only a few, or none at all, your map may be in high demand as a result.


Just as important as the number of maps in a given area is the type of those maps. For example, if there are a lot of topographic maps in the same area as your map, but very few maps in the same category that applies to your map, the demand for your map could still be high.

Similarly, some map categories are more popular than others. The most popular map categories are those with a recreational theme such as hiking, biking, skiing, parks, etc.

Individual Maps vs. Bundles

Think about bundling maps to since bundles generally have a higher price point. Potential buyers may appreciate the added value of purchasing multiple maps that cover more area, or that include a range of scales.

If you also sell the individual maps that make up a bundle, remember that the bundle price should provide some cost advantage for the buyer - meaning that your bundle should have a lower price per map than your individual maps. Think of it as purchasing maps in bulk.

Quality and Uniqueness

What sets your maps apart from others? There may be plenty of other options available for users in the same area but if your map has something special that sets it apart, you may be able to command a higher price for it. Map Store users are like any other consumer and will pay for extra features or information that similar products do not have.


Your brand name is worth something! If your brand is a trusted or authoritative name in your market you should leverage that to get the most value for your maps.

Even considering all these factors, there is no right or wrong answer to the question of how to price maps in the Avenza Map Store. It’s important to remember that you can always change the price of your maps at a later time if you feel you need to, or if you want to experiment

Regardless of price, a well-crafted Map Store Listing and promoting your maps over social media, on your website, blog posts, etc. will have a huge impact on your success in as a Map Store Publisher. We will post more in the near future about promoting your maps to Avenza Maps users.

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