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Bundling your Maps in the Map Store

In the Avenza Map Store, Map Bundles are exactly what you’d expect - they are sets of two or more maps sold together as a single unit. Bundles are an effective way to encourage sales by getting multiple maps into the hands of Avenza Maps users without having to find the titles individually. You can choose to sell your maps individually, as part of a bundle, or a combination of both. In some cases, you may want to bundle maps as a convenient ‘bulk buy’ option, and sometimes it may just make more sense to bundle based on the nature of the maps.

For example, do you offer maps that cover the same park at different scales? Maybe you have multiple maps of a city with some local hotspots, parks or transit routes. Perhaps multiple maps cover a particular trail or boating route. All of these are good reasons to bundle.

When creating a Map Bundle, you will follow many of the same guidelines as you do when creating a single map listing. Keep the title short and descriptive, include a concise description of what the bundle offers, etc. However, an additional step required for bundles is to provide your own custom preview images to show the variety of maps in the bundle. This is a good opportunity to provide your own branded images that showcase your maps in the best possible light.

Before you list a bundle for sale in the Map Store, consider whether you also plan to offer the same maps individually as this will affect your pricing for both the maps and the bundle. It’s a good idea to offer both, especially if the bundle includes a large number of maps, or covers a very large area. In either case, be sure that the economies of scale work for you as well as for your buyers. That means that the price of any individual maps is more than the price per map in the bundle and that the bundle price is less than the cost would be to purchase each map individually.

Map Bundles are beneficial to publishers as they increase the average transaction value, of your items in the store. They are also beneficial to buyers by making the maps they need more accessible, and more cost effective.

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