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The Avenza Maps® platform is an all-encompassing solution for the use, distribution and sale of digital versions of paper maps to mobile devices. Think of it as iTunes for maps, containing spatially referenced maps created by professional mapping companies, agencies, and cartographers from around the world.

We're already the largest publicly available collection of digital maps in the world and we plan to keep it that way.

Join us and access a potential market of hundreds of thousands of recreational and professional Avenza Maps app users all over the world. We are actively growing the user base by building awareness for the app and the Map Store and you'll get support from us to promote your maps in store and on your own website.

Upload Maps

Enter descriptions, preview images, choose categories and price tiers.

Submit for Review

Manage your maps through the vendor portal where you can edit and adjust your map's selling information.

Promote Your Maps

Create links to your map store listings to promote on your own website.

Avenza map publishers

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Profit potential

Sell your paper maps as digital maps. The Avenza Map Store provides everything you need to sell your digital maps through the Avenza Maps app. Chances are your customers are already looking for digital versions of your maps and providing it to them unlocks profit potential.

Competitive Advantage

Demand for mobile map solutions has already started to grow. You can be first to market with digital maps of your region and specialty. Grow your customer base provide them with what they want before your competitors do.

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  Avenza Maps and the Map Store have provided me with a way to publish maps to customers without any programming knowledge, enabling me to focus on the map creation process.

Marteinn S. Sigurdsson

  "Our trail maps available through Avenza Maps continue to increase in popularity; many users also obtain our traditional print waterproof and tear-resistant maps and use both formats out on the trails."

Jeremy Apgar
NY/NJ Trail Conference

  "QR Codes on high street ad panels to get maps are a great asset for any traveler passing through the oil capital of Norway! Avenza Maps is certainly helping to put our city firmly on the map."

Kevin-Paul Scarrott
Stavanger City Map Guide

Some of our publishers

It pays to be our partner.

List and sell maps to over a million users

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