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How it works - Map Publishers

The Avenza Map Store is an elegant cost-effective solution for the distribution and sale of digital maps to mobile device users.

With nearly 1 million maps, the Avenza Map Store is the largest publically accessible collection of digital maps in the world, containing spatially referenced maps created by publishers, agencies, and cartographers.

Reach More People

Become an Avenza Map Store publisher and access a potential market of hundreds of thousands of recreational and professional Avenza Maps app users around the world.

Publishers create Map Store listings which, after a review process become a searchable product in the Avenza Map Store. App Users access the Store via the app, or from our website and search or browse for maps in the area they are interested in. When they find your map, they can choose to purchase or download it for use in the Avenza Maps app.

We take care of the transaction and the product delivery to the app. It's simple and requires little maintenance beyond uploading new versions of your maps as they become available.

Avenza Map Store for Publishers



Enter descriptions, preview images, choose categories and price tiers.



Manage your maps through the vendor portal where you can edit and adjust your map's selling information.



Create links to your map store listings to promote on your own website.

Avenza Map Store Publishers

Profit Potential

Sell your paper maps as digital maps. The Avenza Map Store provides everything you need to sell your digital maps through the Avenza Maps app. Chances are your customers are already looking for digital versions of your maps and providing it to them unlocks profit potential.

Competitive Advantage

The demand for mobile map solutions has already started to grow. You can be first to market with digital maps of your region and specialty. Grow your customer base provide them with what they want before your competitors do.

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