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How to Craft an Effective Avenza Map Store Listing

The information you provide in your Avenza Map Store listing will help entice potential buyers to purchase or download your map and help them to determine whether your map is ideal for their purposes. The information should be accurate with enough detail to convey the unique features of the map but concise enough to avoid overwhelming the user with too much information.

Crafting a good map store listing can take some time, however, it is worth the effort to maximize the success of your map in the Map Store.

Map Store listings consist of several elements including title, description, price, map details (language, publish date, file size) and the name of the vendor. In addition, thumbnails and preview images help customers understand what they will get when downloading the map. You can create and edit Map Store listings through your Vendor Portal.

Here are some tips on how to create an effective Avenza Map Store Listing.

Map Title

The title is what most Map Store customers will see first when they are browsing or searching for maps. Your title should be clear and unambiguous. For locations that are known by more than one name, use the most common name or the name best known outside of the local area. You can always include alternative names or local names in the main body of the description.

The map title is used in the Map Store search, so try to fit in a keyword or two to help customers find your map. Titles can contain up to 100 characters however titles that are more than 70 characters may be truncated on some devices, so it’s better to keep the title short and keep the important words up front.


The description of your map should contain a summary of the area that the map displays, in words. Include any distinguishing features that make your map unique, and a little bit about what makes the map area unique to pique the interest of potential buyers. If the map was made for specific activities (skiing, hiking, etc) be sure to include these keywords, and highlight the features that make it perfect for that use. Use line breaks to keep the text blocks short and easy to skim.

Any disclaimers about the accuracy of the map information, credit to original publishers or other information pertinent to the map should be included at the bottom of your description.

If you maintain a website on which you sell paper maps or other products, you can include links to these sites in each of your map store descriptions (and don’t forget to link back to the Map Store listings from those sites!) It’s a great way to cross-sell, and improve the exposure to both your Map Store Listings and your own website.

If your map contains languages other than English, your description should also be replicated in those languages. The order in which you list the translations is up to you, but a suggested format could look like this:

Here's a map for #NationalGrilledCheeseDay on where to find Toronto's Best Grilled Cheese! Happy eats!

  1. Rashers
  2. Aunties and Uncles
  3. Cut the Cheese
  4. ….

Voici une carte pour #NationalGrilledCheeseDay sur où trouver le meilleur fromage grillé de Toronto! Bonne bouffe!

  1. Rashers
  2. Aunties and Uncles
  3. Cut the Cheese
  4. ….


From the drop-down list, choose all of the languages that appear on the map. This information will let potential buyers know if the map is in a language that they can work with or one that they are unable to read.


The price that you ask for your map, or whether you offer it for free is dependent on several factors including the quality and recency of the map, the costs you may have incurred to create it, or to maintain it, the intended purpose and popularity of the map, and your objectives for the overall availability of the map. More than 50% of the maps in the Avenza Map Store are available for free, however, prospective buyers are often willing to pay for a quality map. Choose your pricing tier from the dropdown list, which reflects current app store pricing options. Stay tuned for more about pricing strategy in another post.

The ‘Hidden’ Checkbox

By default, map store listings are available to be searched by the public through the Avenza Maps app or on the You can choose to make the listing private by checking the Hidden box. The listing will not appear in Map Store searches or by browsing but can be accessed by anyone who has the listing’s URL.

This feature can be useful for offering special versions of a map, special pricing not available to the general public, maps for special events, or any other purpose for which you want only certain people to have access to the listing.

Search Tags

Tags are used to help refine the Map Store search functionality. In this section, you should include keywords such as common or local names of the mapped area, famous or popular landmarks included in the map area and specific activities for which your map is ideal. You can also include your Map Store vendor name and the title of the map.


Map store buyers can choose to browse maps by category, so it is important that you accurately categorize your map according to the available categories in the Map Store.

Choose a primary category that best reflects your map’s use, then choose 2 - 3 additional categories if necessary. Do not choose additional categories unless they truly apply to your map. Adding irrelevant or too many categories will not improve search results and may result in your map being delisted.

Preview Images and Thumbnails

Preview images give potential buyers a peek at what the map looks like so that they can better gauge its suitability for their purposes. Preview images are generated automatically when you upload a map, however, you can (and should!) replace these images with your own selection of map features that will help illustrate value to potential buyers.

Preview images are generally of lower resolution than the map itself (to facilitate faster loading), and the images should in JPEG format, with ideal dimensions of 512 x 512 pixels and no larger than 1MB each.

When creating your own preview images, choose portions of the map that showcase unique aspects or features of the map, such as the symbols, landmarks or popular areas that fall within the map area.

Thumbnail images are used in the Map Store browse view, and differ in size depending on the device used. Choose thumbnail images that you believe best showcases your map at a very small scale. Thumbnail images must be JPEGs at 233x 233 pixels (large), which small thumbnails must be 95 x 95 pixels (small).

As with any e-commerce purchase, buyers want to learn as much about the product as they can before making a purchase, otherwise, they may move on to another item. Therefore crafting an effective Map Store listing is well worth the time and effort and results in happier customers and more successful vendors.


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