Resources and inspiration for Avenza Map Store Publishers

Doug Stone Gold Maps Featured Publisher

Opening Up Digital Space for Doug Stone Gold Maps

Australia has seen multiple gold rushes, and even today, prospecting is a popular activity across the country. Doug Stone has been making maps and atlases of Australia's many goldfields for 40 years.

geo4map featred Publisher

Mapping is a Labour of Love for This Italian Cartographer

Every cartographer takes pride in the elements that make their maps special. Massimo Cingotti brings accuracy, readability, reliability and beauty to hiking maps of Italy.

Featured Avenza Maps Store Publisher - Mapsherpa

Bringing Maps to the People

MapSherpa are experts in digital mapping and were one of the pioneers in delivering maps to consumers via the web. They continue to innovate by adding digital map sales through the Avenza Map Store to their repertoire.


Get New Map Versions Into the Hands of Buyers

With nearly 1 million maps available in the Avenza Map Store, offering new map version can help set your listing apart. Map Versions allows you to update your map products and automatically notify users about the new version.

Featured Publisher - Lerner Cartography

Tourist Maps with a Twist of Social Responsibility

Rhonda Lerner epitomizes the true spirit of a cartographer, aiming to make maps that are all at once visually appealing, complete, accurate and easy to read.

New map Store Categories - Avenza maps

Categorizing Maps in the Avenza Map Store

As the Map Store grows, so does the need to better curate maps so that potential buyers can find them. Read about upcoming changes to map categories.

Bikeverywhere - Featured Publisher

How a Passion for Cycling and Maps Turned Into a Map Store Success Story

Doug Shidell is a biking enthusiast and author turned cartographer who has made the Avenza Map Store part of his distribution network since its early days.

Find Maps in the Avenza Maps Store

Promoting Your Avenza Map Store Listings

Drive traffic to the store listings from your web pages, social media and even cross-promote digital versions from e-commerce products.

Find Maps in the Avenza Maps Store

How to Craft an Effective Avenza Map Store Listing

Crafting a good map store listing can take some time, however, it is worth the effort to maximize the success of your map in the Map Store..

Find Maps in the Avenza Maps Store

Map Store Pricing

Pricing maps in the Avenza Map Store required some thought and planning.

Find Maps in the Avenza Maps Store

Bundling Your Maps in the Map Store

You may choose to sell maps individually, however there are situations when it makes sense to bundle - both for you and for your buyers.


Opening Up Digital Space for Benchmark Maps

Embracing the digital channel meant map revenue growth for Benchmark Maps.