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The Benefits of Being an Avenza Map Store Publisher

Avenza Map Store publishers have access to a potential market of hundreds of thousands of recreational and professional Avenza Maps app users around the world.

Avenza Map Store for Publishers

Profit Potential

Sell your paper maps as digital maps. The Avenza Map Store provides everything you need to sell your digital maps through the Avenza Maps™ app. Chances are your customers are already looking for digital versions of your maps and providing it to them unlocks profit potential. web for 2 columns (2).png

Drive Revenue

Promote your maps that are on the Avenza Map Store through your own marketing materials, website, and even your own products. Create QR codes and put them on your paper maps to provide a way for your customers to scan and download the digital version.

Yellowstone Park Map View

Vendor Tools

As a vendor, you'll have access to a portal to upload maps, enter map information and descriptions, choose price tiers, choose categories, and make changes to thumbnails. You can also view map download counts and access earnings reports. web for 2 columns (2).png

Reduced Costs

Lower everyday expenses – no printing costs, no inventory to maintain, no shipping costs to calculate, no physical store overhead. With fewer costs to factor in, you make more money. Customers can access the Avenza Map Store all day, every day. web for 2 columns (1).png

Competitive Advantage

Demand for mobile map solutions is growing. You can be first to market with digital maps of your region and specialty. Grow your customer base provide them with what they want before your competitors do.

Avenza Map Store for Publishers

Pricing Flexibility

Map pricing is flexible. Change pricing as required to suit your maps. No need to worry about currency or payment options because in-app purchases are handled by the App Store and Google Play accounts.

Success Stories

NG Logo (1).png

National Geographic

National Geographic then looked to Avenza Maps for a solution to distribute its georeferenced digital maps that was simple to implement and required minimal effort to maintain. Using the Avenza Maps platform, National Geographic could provide very high-quality digital maps, supported by a widely available mapping app with navigation features, and an a la carte e-commerce solution that could meet consumers' one-off needs.

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NY Logo.png

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

The Trail Conference recognized their ability to reach potential users was fairly limited to regular communications with organization members and some of the trail-using public, so having their maps be visible to all Avenza Map users was very appealing. As their maps began being downloaded in large numbers, it was beneficial for many of their maps to be featured among the most popular maps.
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tom harrison.png

Tom Harrison Maps

To further add to the quality of their maps, they spend a significant amount of time ground-truthing maps to check for accuracy using the Avenza Maps app, gathering feedback from their customers, and use the information to iterate on updates. The sales of their digital maps on the Map Store quickly became an additional and significant revenue source. Since 2013, after thousands and thousands of digital map downloads, their revenue on map sales on the Map Store has increased more than 200% year over year. The sales have been a testament to the quality of their map products but also the demand by outdoor recreationers.

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Resources and Inspiration for Avenza Map Store Publishers

Our Map Store Publisher Blog contains lots of educational articles on how to create and improve your Map Store listings, how to promote your maps and inspiring stories of other Map Store publishers.

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