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FAQ - Map Publishers

What types of maps can I sell in the Avenza Map Store?

Any digital map can be sold through the Avenza Map store provided that it is georeferenced, meets our quality standards, and does not contain proprietary or restricted content. When maps and descriptions are submitted, they are subject to an approval process by our team who checks for suitability for the Map Store.

What map formats can I upload?

GeoTIFF, geopsatial PDF, GeoPDF®, TIFF/TFW and WKT (zipped), and JPG/JGW and WKT(zipped) are acceptable map formats.

Why are digital maps required to be georeferenced?

Maps purchased from the Avenza Map Store can only be used in the Avenza Maps app which allows users to locate themselves using GPS on their devices. This is made possible through map georeferencing and is necessary to enable offline location features in the app.

How do I manage my Map Store listings?

Once registered, you will have access to the Avenza Map Store publisher portal which allows you to manage your map store listing including updating maps, adjusting prices, creating bundles, editing descriptions, and creating a publisher page to showcase your maps.

How will I get paid for my Map Store sales?

We track the source and amount of all of your Map Store sales, periodically reconcile the amounts, and forward the proceeds to you once a minimum balance is achieved and a request is made. Payments are made in US dollars.

What are the fees involved?

All Map Store sales that occur in-app or on the website are subject to a 50% commission of the net proceeds (after App Store and payment processing fees are deducted). In-app sales are subject to the standard fees charged by Google Play or the Apple App Store. Examples of fee calculations can be found in the Avenza Map Store Publisher Agreement.

How often should I update my maps?

We encourage publishers to update maps frequently to keep content fresh and accurate.

Can downloaded maps be printed or shared?

No, downloaded maps are delivered to the buyer's Avenza Maps account and may not be printed, shared or redistributed to other users. Downloaded maps can only be used in the Avenza Maps app and are not compatible with other apps or map readers.

How do buyers find the Avenza Map Store?

The Map Store can be accessed by app users from within the app. Maps can be searched and purchased from the Map Store website. Many map publishers also have listings on their own websites that link directly to the Map Store website.

How will buyers find my maps in the Map Store?

The Map Store has search functionality that allows users to search by map category, vendor or to browse by area. Promoting your maps independently through your own website, and marketing activities will help to ensure that your maps are found.

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