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Frequently Asked Questions

Recreational Users

What does the Avenza Maps app do?

Avenza Maps™ is a fast and powerful offline map reader for mobile devices. The easiest way to get maps is to download them directly from the Avenza Map Store. It renders maps quickly and features intuitive multi-touch gestures for easy navigation. You can download and open maps, pan, zoom, use GPS to locate yourself on the map, drop placemarks, record GPS tracks, and measure area and distance.

What is the avenza Map Store?

The Avenza Map Store contains high quality maps from around the world including USGS and Canadian topographic maps. The Avenza Map Store can be accessed directly through the app to find maps for hiking, recreation, and other activities. Maps in the Map Store can be downloaded for free as well.

Can I view maps offline?

Yes! All maps can be used offline. This is a great feature for travelers who wish to load maps before they travel outside of their home network coverage area - no roaming data charges! It works great with compatible mobile devices that have built-in GPS (GPS connectivity can remain active even when cellular data is disabled).

Can I view maps on my desktop or laptop computer?

Maps obtained from the Avenza Map Store or imported into the app can only be viewed in the app on an iOS or Android device and cannot be exported to view on a PC.

Does the app work with an external GPS device?

Yes! Compatible external GPS devices such as those from Bad Elf work with the Avenza Maps app. Your location accuracy is dependent on many conditions including device placement and surrounding environment.

What is the map 'import' and 'activation' about?

Avenza Maps allows users to import any Geospatial PDF, GeoPDF® or GeoTIFF maps that you may have created yourself, or obtained from a third-party. Maps are activated on import for use within the app. For users of the Free subscription tier, a maximum of three maps can be activated at any given time. Subsequent map imports require that earlier maps be deactivated and deleted before the new map can be activated for use.

Maps downloaded from the Avenza Map Store do not count towards the import limit. You can, and always will be able to download as many free and paid maps as you need from the Map Store
Note: Additional charges apply to some maps in the Map Store.

If you need to use more than three active maps at once, upgrade to a Plus subscription to import and activate an unlimited number of your own maps.

No Internet? No Problem.

Avenza Maps can locate you on any map with GPS

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