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FAQ - Commercial Usage

What is the Avenza Maps Pro subscription?

A low-cost Avenza Maps™ subscription program is available and designed to meet the needs of any commercial enterprise, educational institution, government agency or individual worldwide. The subscription enables your organization to distribute the Avenza Maps app across mobile devices, access Avenza support and request app features and enhancements, and will empower use of your own proprietary maps out in the field for navigation and data collection.

Which industries are using Avenza Maps?

Many companies and agencies globally are currently evaluating how best to use mobile mapping solutions. Avenza Maps is being used in many industries including forestry, mining, oil & gas, multiple levels of government, and military & intelligence. We're working with many enterprises to understand their needs so that we can design the Avenza Maps platform and deploy it as a solution that produces results. Avenza Maps is empowering workforces in the field with the ability to use custom maps and track locations, features, and activities.
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How do I load my own maps into Avenza Maps?

You can import your own maps into the Avenza Maps app. You can do so in several ways:

  1. From the Maps list, tap the + button at the top-right. In the From the Web box, type a URL, network or server address into the box to download and process a map to load it from a public URL/network/server.
  2. By Email, you can tap and hold an attachment until you see the "Open in Avenza Maps" option.
  3. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes or a file browser (for Android devices). Add map files to Avenza Maps from the Apps section in iTunes or add files to a folder on your Android device's internal storage. Once added, you can import these maps by tapping From iTunes File Sharing (iOS) or From Device Storage (Android).
  4. Link your Dropbox account to Avenza Maps and choose compatible files (geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF, JPG with JGW and WKT (zipped), and TIFF with TFW and WKT (zipped)) to download to the Avenza Maps app.

How do I optimize my own maps?

Supported formats include geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, GeoPDF®, JPG with JGW and WKT (zipped), and TIFF with TFW and WKT (zipped). All formats must be properly and accurately georeferenced. Geospatial PDF files must comply with the Adobe Acrobat PDF 1.7 specification (such as maps produced using MAPublisher or ArcGIS). Also, in Adobe Acrobat, use Advanced > PDF Optimizer to create a balance of small file size and good quality. Large rasters in the map could increase file size significantly, so try to use optimized/compressed images and only when necessary. GeoTIFF images can be optimized by converting them to Indexed color using raster software like Adobe Photoshop. Image resolution should range from 200 dpi to 300 dpi to achieve sharp images suitable for multiple zoom levels. Note that higher resolution images can have more zoom levels, but create larger sized files.

How do I log into to the Avenza Maps Pro Subscription Manager?

If you have previously received Avenza Maps Pro Subscription Manager credentials, visit and login. If you don't have existing subscription manager credentials or haven't received it yet, contact

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