Avenza Maps Pro

Offline Mobile Mapping and Data Collection for Professionals

Avenza Maps Pro is designed for individuals, organizations, governments and academic institutions around the world that need advanced mobile GIS capabilities in the field.


A Mobile Solution for Offline Maps

Equip teams with a reliable offline map app for navigating remote areas without internet, network or satellite connections. Use it on smartphones and tablets.

Use Digital Maps from Virtually Any Source

Import specialized, classified and proprietary georeferenced maps, then add critical information such as GPS tracks, symbols and photos using in-app data collection tools.

Distribute Maps Faster and More Efficiently

Share up-to-date maps quickly as situations evolve for better response time and greater safety.

Simple Yet Powerful Data Collection

Use drawing and measuring tools, navigation, customizable attributes and more to collect map data and easily export to GIS platforms.

Train and Educate with Real World Tools

Avenza Maps Pro is used in situational training by businesses and governments, and as part of GIS curricula at academic institutions all over the world.


Avenza Maps Pro Features


Import Maps

Import and activate an unlimited number of digital maps in geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, and GeoTIFF formats.


Collect and Manage Data

Create attribute schema, import and export map data in multiple formats including shape file, and add customized symbols.


Advanced Map Tools

Draw lines and areas, navigate, get a better GPS fix and create geofences for notification when entering and leaving an area.


Share Map Data

Export and share data with your teams and ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information anytime they need it.


Subscription Manager

Add, change and remove subscriptions remotely for multiple devices and device types. No need for physical access to devices.


Enhanced Technical Support

Get priority technical support from the Avenza Maps team by phone, email and web form. Also access our online support center. etc.

Explore Avenza Maps in These and Other Industries

Government & Military Users

Avenza Maps: RA Edition supports government, land management, forestry, intelligence community, military, and disaster-relief users by providing secure use of the app and access to exclusive maps for various mission areas. Users who rely on mapping information technology and the ability to be both accurate and operationally efficient to ensure mission-critical objectives are met. Avenza Maps allows you to have access to the most up-to-date geographic information from wherever you are. Keep it relevant with additional mapping tools and field data collection inside the app.

Enterprise Subscriptions

A cost-effective solution to deploy Avenza Maps Pro to your entire team. The online subscription manager makes it easy to distribute and maintain licenses across multiple devices.