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Powerful Mobile Mapping Features

Works without a connection.

Avenza Maps™ works 100% offline. Locate yourself using only GPS. Collect data in remote areas without needing to rely on a network connection.

Import custom maps.

Use your own custom maps created with your own GIS data. You can import maps in many formats including PDF, GeoTIFF and JPG.

Locate yourself and collect data

Collect data and organize into custom schemas when out in the field. Export and share data to your teams to provide the most up-to-date sources.

How Can Avenza Maps Help You?

When your crew is at sea and outside network coverage, the Avenza Maps platform provides the ideal solution for your mapping needs. Ship crews can import custom nautical maps and use GPS to precisely locate themselves at anytime on offline maps. Crews can use the app to monitor weather conditions, record GPS tracks, and communicate this information with central operations. The cost-effective platform enables you to align your mapping and data collection needs with your existing enterprise business needs.

The flexibility of our mobile app allows you to import custom maps created by your team. Multiple maps of an area can be grouped as a collection for seamless browsing. When away from network coverage, maps can be used completely offline, only relying on GPS to precisely locate yourself and to collect points of data in the field. Create custom field collection schemas to take inventory of important points of interest along a route. The app allows you to export data and upload it to your own network or a cloud storage solution.

Accurate location awareness is of utmost importance. The Avenza Maps platform provides your team with a more organized and managed way to use maps at sea and have data immediately available to enable decision making.

Avenza Maps on iPhone and iPad



Decrease the need for paper maps. Share existing digital maps with your team and reduce redundancy.


Spend less time collecting data. Incorporate high-accuracy data collection into your field operations.


Make informed decisions by having access to timely information which translates into time and cost savings.


Western Canada Marine Response Corporation

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