New Features in Avenza Maps Version 3.7!

Avenza Maps version 3.7 is now available for users on iOS and Android devices!

We have added features for both our recreational and Pro subscription users and made some improvements based on user feedback. The newest version of Avenza Maps includes features that will facilitate location monitoring, improve the precision of your data collection and enhance your Avenza Maps experience!


New in Avenza Maps 3.7, is Geofencing. You may wonder, what are geofences? These are virtual perimeters or boundaries that are set up around a geographic location. When you approach or leave one of the boundaries, the app triggers a notification on your device. You have the option to create geofences around features in any map including placemarks, tracks, lines, areas, layers, and even the map itself.

Geofences can be created by going to the Map Tools (three dot icon) on the Map View toolbar, then to Monitor Geofences.

Monitor geofences


Geofences act as a location monitoring tool in order to keep track of your location without needing your phone in your hand at all times! With global geofence notification capability (a Pro feature), you can ensure that you never miss an alert because regardless of the map you have open, your global geofence will always be active.

Say you are sent a logging map and assigned a block of trees that border private land. Ensure that you will not cross into private land by creating a line or area feature along the boundary, and set it as a geofence. If you enter the boundary of private land or leave your block, you’ll get a notification to alert you.


Conversely, if you are an avid hiker, but you don’t want to constantly take your phone out while on a hike, you can set a geofence for a previously created track, or a planned route. When you exit the geofenced area around the track/line, you will be alerted that you are leaving the trail.


Geofences are just another way that Avenza Maps helps our users navigate the outdoors safely for work and play!

Plot GPS Average

Pro users can increase the integrity and precision of location data by using the new Plot GPS Average tool to plot placemarks. The tool works by sampling your location over a period of time then deriving the average of the location samples and plotting a placemark on the map.

Plot GPS Average can be accessed from Map Tools (three dots icon) on the Map View toolbar. You can let the tool run its course and manually end the collection of location samples, or you can set a specified number of samples or time to collect and average. Each sample will be shown as a coloured border around the location dot on the map.


Once the placemark is dropped, the Edit Placemark screen opens so you can edit the placemark’s information.

For your records, and to improve data integrity, the number of location samples, duration and standard error are entered as attribute values and linked to the placemark. All of the information from the Plot GPS Average tool will be displayed within the Description field of the placemark.


Map Versions

Avenza Map Store Publishers can now release updates directly to their existing products! Now when an update to one of your previously downloaded maps is released by the publisher, you will be notified in the app and prompted to install the newest version. The notification will appear as a button under the current map that says Update Available. We recommend updating your maps but if you would prefer not to, you can decline the upgrade and the update option disappears.

Update available

Choose to keep the previous version of the map when you update, or fully replace the older version with the newone. Version numbers will help you distinguish between newer and older versions of maps so you can always ensure that you have access to the most up to date information.

Version Number

Any map data linked to the previous version will transfer to the new version of the map. So, if for example, you have a trail map that you use to collect your tracks or plot placemarks, you won’t lose a thing!

Map boundaries, trail routes, and features change every year, and now staying up to date with your maps is that much easier with the addition of map versions.

There are some big changes and improvements in this version of the app and we’re very excited about it. Our goal is always to ensure that Avenza Maps users can navigate safely and efficiently and collect data even more precisely in the app!