GEOINT App Store Shutdown and Continuing Access to Avenza Maps

As of August 27th, 2021, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) closed the Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP), and the GEOINT App Store is no longer providing access to commercial apps, including Avenza Maps.

Not only does this mean that availability and distribution of secure iOS and Android apps under the program has ceased but that apps that have already been downloaded and are already deployed to devices may no longer function and those that may still be functioning will eventually stop. Additionally, it is very likely that access to all maps and other content in the Avenza Maps app will become lost and irretrievable.

Our goal at Avenza is to keep Avenza Maps users, who have acquired their version of Avenza Maps via NGA, supported, active, functioning, productive and safe, as far as our capabilities will allow us. While we cannot reverse NGA’s decision to close the program and turn apps off nor can we intercede and turn apps back on, we can offer the following guidance and remedies.

If your instance of Avenza Maps is still working:

  • We recommend that you export your data and maps immediately.
  • DO NOT open the Avenza Maps app while connected to the Internet. The app will periodically attempt to contact the NGA GEOINT license server for re-authentication and when it fails the app will shut down. By not going online the app will continue to function in offline mode by design and use the previous license authentication.

If your instance of Avenza Maps has stopped working:

  • Aligning with our goal of keeping users supported, active, functioning, productive and safe we are providing qualified GEOINT version users with complimentary Avenza Maps Pro licenses (for the regular civilian version) for a limited period of time, while the new and improved Secure Mobile App Program (SMAP) is being unfurled (see below).
  • If you wish to obtain a complimentary subscription to the civilian version of Avenza Maps Pro please complete the secure form below, and note as follows:
    • You will need to download Avenza Maps from iTunes or Google Play in order to use Avenza Maps Pro. This will not reactivate the version downloaded from the GEOINT App Store. DO NOT DELETE THE GEOINT VERSION FROM YOUR DEVICE.
    • This is the standard civilian version of Avenza Maps Pro and as such has not been scanned pursuant to National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) protocols. However both versions of Avenza Maps (civilian and GEOINT) are produced by the same developers, in the same facilities and under the same governances and oversight, and 97% of the code is the same.
    • Unlike the GEOINT version, the civilian version does not include free access to paid content from the in-app map store. Nor does it have access to the GEOINT-only partition within the in-app map store that houses special GEOINT-only content.
    • The civilian version of Avenza Maps requires users to register with an email address and makes use of Google Analytics to collect usage data, albeit on an anonymous basis. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how your data is handled.
    • In order for us to continue to support you and provide access to the civilian version of Avenza Maps, we will need to collect some very basic and limited information pursuant to the secure form below.
First Name
Last Name
Email Address (Government email - no personal ones (ex.
Organization / Agency

Future Availability of Secure Apps - Secure Mobile App Program (SMAP)

The closure of the GEOINT app store does not mean that secure mobile apps are no longer desired or needed. Rather, we believe that the need for secure mobile applications is in fact increasing and with it demand.

In response to this, and as a significant and dedicated move-forward from IGAPP, we are pleased to make it known that since the initial announcement in January that the GEOINT store was closing, Avenza has been actively engaged with a major defense contractor and the operational arm of IGAPP to create, deploy and operate a new secure mobile application availability enterprise separate from NGA and government involvement. This new entity will offer continuing access to secure versions of popular and mission-critical applications and ultimately ensure that they meet the high standards of security and reliability established by IGAPP.

More information and details regarding the future availability of secure mobile applications will be provided as and when available.

At Avenza we constantly strive and work to provide the best possible experience for our users and we deeply regret any inconvenience this event may have caused, even though it is out of our control and decision-making authority. The foregoing and initiative laid out herein is our best attempt to mollify a very difficult and unfortunate situation.

To purchase a subscription now to the civilian version of Avenza Maps Pro
visit our order page.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact us here.

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