Best Mapping App - 10 Years and Counting

Avenza Maps Celebrates 10 Years

It’s our third week doing this blog series, and we hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as we have. Take some time to catch up if you haven’t read blogs one Avenza Maps Turns 10 or two Top 10 Top 10’s. Once you’ve enjoyed those gems, we’ll jump into this week’s lists!

Random Avenza Maps Facts

  1. Avenza Maps officially launched on the Apple App store at the end of 2010, making 2020 our 10th anniversary! A Google Play Store release followed with an Android version in the Fall of 2013.
  2. Avenza Systems is the proud parent company of Avenza Maps. Avenza Systems also develops industry-leading mapping tools that integrate with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Love using Avenza Maps? Use MAPublisher to create geospatially aware maps right in Adobe Illustrator!
  3. Our teams working on Avenza Maps and all Avenza products strive to solve our users’ problems. We gather feedback from users, both professional and recreational, to develop features that all users find useful and functional. To help you understand why we’re always updating, it’s because we’re always making it better for you! Oh how far we’ve come in 10 years!

Desktop products by Avenza Systems

Avenza Team_Avenza Maps.png

4. Avenza Systems has a powerful team of just over 50 employees who build and support cartography software on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. And we’re hiring! Check out our careers page for open positions.

5. Ted Florence is the President and CEO of Avenza Systems. He’s a professional engineer and leads the company by coming up with innovative solutions for map makers. Ted took over ownership of Avenza Systems in 2000, and we’re happy to be celebrating this incredible anniversary with him!

6. Here’s a random one for our avid readers! What was the original name of the Avenza Maps app? It was initially called the PDF Maps app! Congratulations if you knew this one, you might have read our blog celebrating the history of Mobile Offline Mapping and ten years of Avenza Maps.

7. If you’re a user of Avenza Maps, hopefully, you’ve already discovered one of it’s most powerful features, the Avenza Map Store. This in-app and online map store gives users access to browse and shop maps from hundreds of thousands of maps from locations all over the world!  

8. The Avenza Map Store isn’t just large in quantity; it’s equally impressive in its collection of map producers! It is home to top publishers, including National Geographic, Michelin Maps, and DeLorme/Garmin and organizations like the USFS and USGS.

9. Avenza Maps has users from around the globe, but our headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

10. Did you know that you can locate yourself using just three words when you’re out on the trail? Avenza Maps now has what3words integrated, and you can locate yourself down to an exact 3 x 3-metre square anywhere on Earth. Our official what3words is ///supply.founders.outreach!

What3words (3).png

Most Interesting Use Cases

Training dogs using Avenza Maps

Dog Trainer

Many Avenza team members are big fans of furry four-legged friends. Pets of Avenza is one of our most active Skype channels! Maybe that would explain why this is one of our team’s favourite use cases. Some of our dog trainer users use our app to track their walks and measure distances. Many will add notes to the map with pins to show points of interest like public water fountains or dog parks.

Search and Rescue using Avenza Maps

Search and Rescue

We’ve heard many incredible stories of how search and rescue teams around the world have used our Avenza Maps and Map Store. From planning and executing missions, to quickly communicating accurate locations, we’re proud to help these important people do their work that saves lives. 

Aviation maps on Avenza Maps


Aviation maps are highly specialized, and it can be difficult to find verified options. We’ve got some of the world's most prestigious aviation map producers in the Avenza Map Store, giving you easy access. And an app that conveniently works on your mobile phone wherever in the world you are with no cell reception required. 

PDF Maps for Boating


With easy unit conversions for nautical measurements within Avenza Maps, it’s not surprising it’s a hit for boaters of all kinds. Being able to upload PDF maps from their collections is many boaters' favourite feature. When you’re on the water having a digital waterproof version of your maps can be extra handy!

Farmers love Avenza Maps


Farmers love Avenza Maps for day-to-day operations. Whether it’s plotting geotagged photos of problem areas, navigating to locate where specific crops were planted or collecting maintenance information, every farmer will find this app useful.

offroading using Avenza Maps


Fans of off-road adventures of all kinds love that our GPS technology allows you to locate yourself without wifi or data. When you’re four-wheeling in the middle of the bush, you don’t want to worry about cell reception.

campers use Avenza Maps


One of our team’s favourite outdoor activities is camping; we love it! Avenza Maps has been able to help campgrounds have digital map options for campers. And many share maps of local hiking or biking trails around their parks to fellow campers with the app. Keep finding more uses for camping with Avenza Maps and tweet us your favourites!

Avenza Maps used for Forestry Management


The modern forestry industry uses science to grow sustainable forests. This includes the removal of specific trees because of illness, overcrowding, or similar reasons. Using Avenza Maps, foresters can take photos of those particular trees and place them on a map. GPS information is attached to photos, then is plotted on the map and shared with teams for removal—accuracy down to every tree.

Hunters using Avenza Maps


With backcountry maps loaded, many hunters use the app entirely offline (sometimes for days!). They are using maps to stay in legal hunting areas, taking tracking notes, and plotting photos. Many hunters also use exact coordinates on their maps to inform others by radio exactly where they are.

#10-1 copy.png

Map Selling

With the digitization of maps, traditional cartographers needed a way to sell their maps to users. They also required those users to have the technology to open and accurately use their maps. Enter our Avenza Map Store. As well as giving users access to thousands of maps, mapmakers can also sell their maps. Allowing map makers to sell their product, knowing users will get the best experience possible.

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