10 Years of Mobile Mapping with Avenza Maps

Top 10 Series - Part 2

Welcome back for round 2! We’ve got another set of 3 incredibly fun top 10 lists for you this week. We hope you join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Avenza Maps all month long on our social media platforms for great webinars, giveaways, and more! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have fantastic content and are definitely worth the follow.

If you haven’t had a chance, we highly recommend checking out last week’s blog first. And without further ado, here are go with another great three top 10 lists!

Top 10 Best Activities For Using Avenza Maps

Our users have found literally thousands of uses for our app! We help everyone from fire and rescue volunteers to elementary school teachers. Trust us, our team has seen some pretty interesting use cases over the past 10 years. But that’s coming in another blog later this month, you don’t want to miss it! Here are some of our favourite activities to inspire you on your next Avenza Maps adventure!

  1. Biking
  2. Hiking
  3. Camping
  4. Fishing
  5. Hunting
  6. Treasure Hunting
  7. Road Tripping
  8. Geocaching
  9. Search and Rescue
  10. Map Patterns

Top 10 Historic Maps

Many hobby cartographers and historians have become fans of Avenza Maps because of our historical content. And with maps dating back to 1892, who could blame them? These maps are beautiful depictions of our world as viewed from the past. The next time you’re at a national park or other popular tourist destination consider using Avenza Maps to find a historic map of the area. With our in-app Map Store and GPS for all users, you can have location accuracy and historical fun!

ME-GARDINER: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1892


ME-NORWAY: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1896

ME-NORWAY: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1896 by Western Michigan University

ME-NORRIDGEWOCK: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1898

ME-NORRIDGEWOCK: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1898 by Western Michigan University

MI-BURT: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1921

MI-BURT: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1921 by Western Michigan University

PA-BLOOMBURG: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1894

PA-BLOOMBURG: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1894

PA-SCRANTON: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1893

PA-SCRANTON: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1893

MD-BRANDYWINE: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1895

MD-BRANDYWINE: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1895

MI-LANSING: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1947

MI-LANSING: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1947

PA-MIFFLINTOWN: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1937

PA-MIFFLINTOWN: Authoritative US Topos Historic 1937

Top 10 Features of Avenza Maps Plus and Pro

When we go over our features, we save the best for our Plus and Pro users! These are the power users, the everyday users, the couldn’t-do-my-job-without-Avenza Maps users. We love creating advanced GIS tools for professionals around the world to do their jobs better. 

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Unlimited Maps.png

Unlimited Custom Maps

Being able to have unlimited custom maps is key for pro users. Many of our users have hundreds of their own maps to import. And Avenza Maps Pro allows unlimited imports of geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, GeoPDF, and JPG. Making all your maps available offline on your iPhone or Android device. With no wifi or data required for location tracking.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Shapefiles.png

Support for Shapefiles

If you’re going to call yourself a pro product, you have to support pro formats. With our Avenza Maps Pro, you can easily add shape files directly to your map to work with points, lines, and areas.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Create Areas.png

Create Areas

Use the Draw and Measure tool to create areas and export when ready to share. Exporting Shapefiles is another Avenza Maps Pro only feature. Did we mention it’s drag and drop easy?

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Data on Maps.png

Data on Maps

With Avenza Maps you can record attributes at any placemark or track. Add custom fields, insert field values, modify locations, change colours, and add notes or geotagged photos. And easily convert your collected GPS Tracks into an area with Avenza Maps Pro.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Better GPS Fix.png

Get A Better Fix

Improve the accuracy of your GPS location with GPS averaging. This averages multiple GPS fixes over time, delivering better results. You can also monitor the individual points in real-time and choose to plot the average location. More control, better accuracy, this is worth switching navigation apps for.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Exporting.png

Exporting Data

You took all that time to carefully plot placemarks, create tracks, measure areas, and collect data in the field. Next steps? Save them as KML, CSV or GPX format and export to iTunes, send as e-mail or sync with Dropbox. Keeping things simple and stable.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Custom Symbol Sets.png

Custom Symbol Sets

A pro feature favourite for many long time Avenza Maps Pro users are custom symbol sets. Import and manage custom symbol sets to use with your maps in-app. Make your maps stand out and set default symbols to be used on layers while collecting data.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Managing Subscribers.png

Managing Subscribers

Easily manage deployment to your team using our subscription management system. No need to have devices present to check subscriptions and renewals status. With Avenza Maps Pro you’re able to enable and disable subscriptions conveniently from one location.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Importing.png

Importing Data

Alternatively to exporting from point number 6 above, you can also import data. Add placemarks to your map easily by importing a KML file.

Avenza Maps Pro Feature Tech Support.png

Enhanced Technical Support

As a pro user you’ll get priority technical support from the Avenza Maps team. By phone, email, or web form, we’re here to help. You can also access our online support centre here.

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